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5050 led strip

5050 led strip- Due to its irreplaceability has made it popular over 20 years.

When you visit any park or attend any fashion party, you will see the colorful light with wonderful special light efficiency like running, dropping, fantastic and so on. Of course, they are all made by 5050 led rgb strip. Due to its big light area, it been widely used at RGB projects, until now the 5050 RGB led still be irreplaceability. Compare to others, led strip 5050 with characteristics:
--Big lighting area

--With 6pins can be easy addressable.  
Everluster’s smd 5050 led strip products include 5050 white strip series, 12v or 24v 5050 ws2815 ws2812b rgb strip series and rgb + cct strips. Mostly of our 2835 led strip light are from Epistar factory and with at least 2 ounces circuitboard. The ws2815 ws2812b IC are mostly from Taiwan.

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