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Flexible COB Strip

What’s COB led strip?
COB led light strip, some company also call it COF or FCOB strip. It’s a new led strip products which fast favored by the market. What we know COB is means chip(flip chip) on board, then we can easy to know cob led strip must be chip on Fpc(flexible circuitboard).Yes that’s right! COB led strip is means flip chips bonding on a flexible circuitboard. In that case, such a strip with lot of virtues. Let’s see how it is look like and what virtues they have.
--With soft light
--Without visible light spot
--Minimum radian bendable

From the picture you can see it is with minimum radian bendable. The same as SMD led strips, Flexible COB led strip with 5volt, 12Volt, 24volt products. But due to there with high density chips ranged inside, so the power can not be too much strong but i think it will be solved in near future, let’s see what’s next Gen products will be…

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