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What is SMD LED strip?
SMD means surface mount diode and LED means light emitting diode. Before that, people are using the through hole diode and that is only with limited applications. Since the surface mount diode be invented, you nearly can see it anywhere all of the world. Certainly, it also makes the quickly pop of LED strip products. Now the smd led strip lights already in fact be widely used for decoration lighting, panel light, commercial lighting, home lighting and so on. It changed our life that become more colorful.
Until now, what you can see the SMD LED strip products in the market mainly include: 5650 led strip series/5050 led strip series/3014 led strip series/4014 led strip series/3528 led strip series/2835 led strip series/2216 led strip series/0603 led strip series.

The color can be warm white, natural white, cold white, dual CCT white, single color and RGB color. Each type of strip with its characteristics, if you don’t know or uncertain which one is suit for your projects, you can learn more from our LED technology Blog.
Recently there is another new type of led which called COB LED strip become popular. What’s cob LED strip? Will it full replace the SMD LED strip lights? Let’s see in near future…

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