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7 important indicators can help you easy to know the led strip's quality

2022/04/05 11:39:51
7 important indicators can help you easy to know the led strip’s quality
Led light strips is a very popular lighting material in the market. Many buyers searching good quality led strip lights all over the world. When you are looking for a reliable supplier of led light strip from China, you may have much questions such as why the same products with such big price difference? Will the life span can be as much as 50000hours? Everyone said they are use Epistar’s chip, is that true? Let me tell you which is the right quality in 7 fast ways.

1. Led chips

High quality led lights strips require at least take the well-known brand chips such as Epistar, Bridgelux, Philips, Cree, Samsung or SanAn. For some poor quality led strip light products, they are taking the unknow brand chip. The LED maybe die after few months later. Everyone said they are use Epistar’s chip, is that true? Actually each chip manufacture with there unique circuit design. You can check the circuit by microscope, see here the Epistar chip’s circuit is unique.

2. Circuitboard thickness
High quality led strips require at least 2 ounces(copper foil) pcb(front 1ounce+back 1ounce) in order to get enough heat dissipation. Of course, 3 ounces or 4 ounces will be better if you don’t care the cost.
Lot of company take the 1 ounce or 0.8 ounces pcb in order to low down the cost, and some manufacturers claimed to use a 2-ounce PCB, but it's actually with 1 ounce only.

3. Light efficiency
High quality LED strip require at least 130lm/watt light efficiency. >125lm/watt is the new EU energy standard request for all the led products from 2021. For the light efficiency, the higher the better. According to new EU energy standard, all the led lighting products should be with more than 125lm/watt light efficiency. So that the light efficiency become a very important indicators of led light strips products.

4. CRI(color rendering index) and TM30
High quality led lights strip require at least CRI >80Ra. CRI means color rendering index. As you see the sunlight with full spectrum 100 CRI, so what you have see all the body with its original color. But for led lights, white color is been resultant by blue chip with yellow phorsphor,it is not full spectrum. So that the concept of CRI be appear. That's to order to meansure the color's restore degree of body. The higher CRI it can be, the more closer to the body’s original color, you will see here the picture that the CRI from 70 to 95Ra.

5. Color uniformity
High quality led strip lighting require the SDCM≤5 (Color Tolerance Adjustment). SDCM is very important to the color uniformity, the SDCM smaller, the better performance of the color uniformity.

6. Power consumption design
High quality led strips lights require the power consumption with a reasonable design. Too strong power will speeding the light decay and too low power with not enough lumens. In order to pursuit of high brightness only, some company always make the led strips with power overload design, in that case the decay of the chip will be very large, and due to the thermal dissipation may cause the LED die.

7. Back adhesive tape
High quality smart led strip lights require the back adhesive tape from 3M. In the market, lot of double face adhesive are fake 3M products. It with poor viscosity, when you finished installation, it is easy to fall down. So that good quality back adhesive tape is also be much important.

Led strip lights can be used in both home and industrial settings and the rapid development in technology is leading to improved manufacturing and a higher number of products on the market. The flood of products to the market can make it difficult for consumers to select the best product for their money. From the above 7 key points, you will much easier to buy the LED strips with good quality.

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