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What are the naming rules for LED strip products?

2024/03/28 14:50:43
What is 2835 led strip?

When you searching the 2835 led strip keywords online, you may come across 4-digit which differentiate the LED type. That 4-digit is always symbolized its package size, for example: 2835-2.8mm(length)*3.5mm(width)*0.8mm(height)
2835 led light strips is take the 2835 smd led as the lighting source. It is the most popular all over the world for many years since it is cheap cost. It been widely used in home lighting, decoration light, commercial light, office panel light and so on. Everluster now with many different smd 2835 led strip products be choice ranged from economical to luxury. Mostly of our 2835 led strip light are from Epistar factory and with at least 2 ounces circuitboard. Whatever lighting projects is 2835 led strip will be the best choice.

What's advantage of 2216 LED strip?
2216 smd led is a little bigger than 0603 led but much smaller than 3528 smd led. SMD 2216 led strip became much popular from 2020, due to its high density and high efficiency lot lighting designers make more and more concerned it. For high luminous efficiency required projects such as shopping mall center, office, hospital and equipment, it will be a good choice. And for cabinet, cloakroom, bathroom those which ultrathin profiles required and dim to warm light, 2216 led strip lights can do a good job.

Everluster’s 2216 led strip light with 80leds/meter 160leds/meter 252leds/meter and 280leds/meter both waterproof and non-waterproof can be available.

4014 led strip-A types of led strip that some time can be low price and also preferred by luxurious lighting projects.

Lot of people do not familiar with the smd 4014 led strip, and it seems not so popular as 2835 led strips. But a professional Optoelectronics engineers will catch its unique characteristics to give it full play on commercial lighting. 4014 smd led with long size and narrow width, so the leds can be horizontal distributed on PCB board. In that case, it can use a minimum amount of leds to achieve the best effect. And for some luxurious lighting projects, leds in vertical distributed on the PCB board, then it become a high density led strips.

Everluster’s led 4014 strip with 126leds/meter 182leds/meter and 192leds/meter constantly current led strip with IC. The power consumption is around 16-22watt/meter with UL certificated.

5050 led strip- Due to its irreplaceability has made it popular over 20 years.

When you visit any park or attend any fashion party, you will see the colorful light with wonderful special light efficiency like running, dropping, fantastic and so on. Of course, they are all made by 5050 led rgb strip. Due to its big light area, it been widely used at RGB projects, until now the 5050 RGB led still be irreplaceability. Compare to others, led strip 5050 with characteristics:
--Big lighting area

--With 6pins can be easy addressable.
Everluster’s smd 5050 led strip products include 5050 white strip series, 12v or 24v 5050 ws2815 ws2812b rgb strip series and rgb + cct strips. Mostly of our 2835 led strip light are from Epistar factory and with at least 2 ounces circuitboard. The ws2815 ws2812b IC are mostly from Taiwan.

Know more about 0603 led strips.
0603 led strip lights are taken 0603 SMDs as the lighting source. Due to its compact size 0603 SMDs are used in a variety of electronics. You will see them in your phones, stereos, game consoles etc... Because of its mini size, the LED strip can be high-density ranged to achieve the effect of no vessible light dots.

Everluster’s 0603 led strip products with different band width (3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm) to fit different light fixtures. Both 12volt and 24volt available can match mostly led driver on the market.

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