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R13 RGB/RGBW remoter

Part No.: R13

Suit for.: RGB/RGBW

Working Voltage: 3VDC(CR2032)

Light type: 1zone RGB

Working Current: <20mA

Standby Current: <4μA

Output Signal: RF(2.4GHz)

Size: L107XW58.5XH9

Working temperature: -30℃-55℃

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  • Match with our RGB/RGBW controllers or smart LED lamps.
  • Single zone, four zone and eight zone version are available.
  • Adopt 2.4GHz wireless technology, remote distance up to 30m.
  • CR2032 button battery power supply.
  • Operate with LED indicator light.
  • Each remote can match one or more receiver.


Technical Parameter

Optical Electric Others
Output Signal RF (2.4GHz) Standby current   <14μA Energy Grade A+
Output  4zone RGB Input Voltage
3VDC Warranty 3years
Suit for  RGBW Battery CR2032 Working Hour 30,000h
Working Current <20mA Working Temperature -20℃~+45℃
Remote distance
30m Working Humidity 40%-70%RH
Standby Time
6month IP IP33

Measurement L107XW58.5XH9mm
Weight    34g

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R13 Remoter

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